Starting Up

Hey friends! I really try not to use this blog for shameless self-promotion, but today I just can’t resist.

Nick (CTO) and I digging into some data

Back in August, I joined a startup in Boston called ecovent Systems as the eighth full-time employee. We’re building a system of wirelessly controlled vents and sensors that lets you set each room in your home to a different temperature. I’m leading the cloud-based software development and data science efforts, while also leveraging my background in electronics design and embedded computing to help build the engineering team. It’s a really exciting and unique opportunity, as I get to work with some old friends from my one of my first jobs.

Today is a big day for us. First of all, we’re announcing that we have raised $2.2M in seed funding to get our great prototype product ready for production. On top of that, we’re also now accepting pre-orders for our system, which will ship in August 2015.

To help explain how the system works, I wrote up a short blog post at Check it out. And if you think this could help you in your home, please consider pre-ordering.

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